we are a nyc-based M.usic I.ntegrated C.ommunity

M is for Music because it's where it all started. I is for Integrated because rhythm doesn't stop with music. We're Poets, Authors, Artists & Comedians too. C is for Community because creating, inspiring, and sharing doesn't happen without it.

Visit “The MIC” page to learn about our bi-montly showcase event that we produce featuring a variety of performers from the community. Dates, location and details on signing up available.


The MIC is a bi-monthly, ad-industry-focused showcase sponsored by The Music Playground. It features 2-hours+ of a variety of performances that include musicians, comedians, poets and more! Anyone can perform, but pre-signups are required.

Upcoming Events:
Wednesday, March 6th - WAIT LIST ONLY - @ The Bitter End, 147 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012
Wednesday, May 8th - SLOTS AVAILABLE - Location TBD
Wednesday, July 10th - SLOTS AVAILABLE - Location TBD
Wednesday, September 11th - SLOTS AVAILABLE - Location TBD
Wednesday, November 13th - SLOTS AVAILABLE - Location TBD
Arrive at 6:30P / Music starts at 7PM and goes until 9:30P - followed by conversations at the front bar!

The MIC is a community of musicians, poets, comedians, dancers and other performers coming together to share and encourage each other at open mics throughout New York City. This event originally started for the advertising, media, and film industry encouraging the musical development of creatives, producers, and more while providing them with a space to perform and share with the community.

We welcome the stage to all performers at our bi-monthly residency at the Sidewalk Cafe for our 2-hour event The MIC. Any instruments, dance, poetry, short stories or dance welcome. Slots are 7 minutes each.

If you aren't a performer, we hope you will join us in supporting our peers and making some new friends!


find us on Instagram @themicnyc


The Team

Kathryn Henderson   Co-Founder & MC

Kathryn Henderson
Co-Founder & MC

Seth Brogdon  The MIC Stage Manager

Seth Brogdon
The MIC Stage Manager

Edgar Zorrilla  Designer & Videographer

Edgar Zorrilla
Designer & Videographer

Eli Musser  Community Events Co-Leader

Eli Musser
Community Events Co-Leader

Andrew Stadelberger   Co-Founder & MC

Andrew Stadelberger
Co-Founder & MC

Kiara Hidalgo   Social Media Manager & Coordinator

Kiara Hidalgo
Social Media Manager & Coordinator

Sydney Ferleger  Community Events Co-Leader

Sydney Ferleger
Community Events Co-Leader

Jillian Enteman
Community Events Co-Leader

Interested in joining the team? We’d love to hear from you! Email



This COMMUNITY EVENT was started by two producers WHO encouraged each other TO play their first open mic TOGETHER.

It was after this that they realized, though a personal journey, musical development is something that could and should be shared with others. It's over 2 years since their first open mic and they now have a newsletter and Slack Channel. This newsletter is open to anyone and it's where they send updates about general open mics in the city, shows by community members, encourage practice and supporting each other. It's also a list where we announce our bi-monthly open mic hosted with The Music Playground at the Sidewalk NY.

We hope to see and *hear* you soon!

-The MIC Team

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